Time runs out on the UIM-WPPA agreement

WPPA and IOTA have announced they will be taking over the 2007 Class 1 series

The World Professional Powerboat Association (WPPA) and International Offshore Team Association (IOTA) have jointly announced that they will run the 2007 Class 1 World Powerboat Championship solely under the aegis of the WPPA.

The decision taken by the WPPA and IOTA Boards is a direct result of the absolute failure of the sport’s Monaco-based world governing body, the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique), either to respond to the March 9 deadline agreed by representatives of its own appointed Working Group. Also to accept the recommendations formulated with the WPPA and IOTA in Dubai in an attempt to broker an agreement of reconciliation between all parties for the long-term good of the sport.

“It is with great regret that we note that no response has been received to the communications sent on March 12 by both the WPPA and IOTA, requesting a reply to the proposed UIM/WPPA agreement drawn up by the Dubai Working Group and submitted to the UIM for consideration on 24th February,” commented IOTA General Secretary, Marco Sala, adding, “Considering that the deadline for the reply had been indicated as being March 9, we feel that this silence on the part of the UIM is not only unprofessional, but also demonstrates a lack of common courtesy.

“The failure of the UIM to provide any official communication seems even more incomprehensible, given that many National Authorities have, on several occasions, expressed the view that they are in favour of the solution found in Dubai. We also have confirmation that the majority of the Council Members are favourable to the proposal formulated by the UIM/WPPA Working Group in Dubai.

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“In any event, and as already communicated to the UIM on more than one occasion, the commitments which have been made both by the WPPA and IOTA in order to organise the 2007 Class 1 World Powerboat Championship do not permit us to wait any longer for the UIM’s reply. Therefore, the Class 1 season will run under the aegis of the WPPA only.”

Despite the efforts of both the WPPA and IOTA to maintain a constructive dialogue with the UIM in order to reach an agreement following the breakdown of discussions in Kuala Lumpur last year when the UIM retracted its support of the initial proposal agreed to by a senior UIM Official in Arendal, Norway, the WPPA and IOTA have been left with no alternative other than to run the Championship autonomously. “The Class 1 Teams, the WPPA and IOTA owe a vote of thanks to the UIM Delegates who worked with us and who had identified a possible solution, as well as the National Authorities who supported it, understanding the spirit of renewal of the Institution which the WPPA project entailed,” said Marco Sala.

“It is our hope that the new UIM management will eventually be able to distinguish between those who make unrealistic plans and those who operate in a professional manner and with continuity for the development of the Sport, giving credit to the latter. Only under these conditions can there be any hope of a future reconciliation with Class 1.

“Furthermore, we are confident that the National Authorities will be ready to welcome the WPPA as a positive innovation and to give the Association every support for the successful implementation of its activities.”


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