Together again

The fleet is re-united again....

Tuesday 13th June

Day 4

Position – St Vaast

Today the fleet was complete again when it was re-joined by the two boats ‘AquaVit’ and ‘Shade of Monaco’. AquaVit had developed a major diesel leak while on the passage across the channel, and sadly had to be left behind in Cherbourg to be fixed by the local Volvo engineer. Shade had reported difficulty with its trim tabs while still in the Solent and subsequently diverted into Cowes; they completed their first Channel crossing today with the help of a delivery skipper aboard, arriving in St Vaast shortly after 1430hrs.

After a grey and overcast start to the day, the sun came out later on in the afternoon but a light breeze gave a slightly cooler day than yesterday. The tidal gate was open for about 6 hours today, during this time the harbour was a bustle with in coming and out going yachts and fishing trawlers.

The MBM staff had a list of chores to get through today, one of which was to clean ‘Calm Voyager’. Ray and Claire had set about doing this, soaking themselves in the process. Neale set about informing the slower boats of the plans for Thursday and the move to Dives su Mer. To explain, with an approximate 48 mile passage, the time period between the opening of St Vaast’s gate and Dives gate is far too tight for the slower boats. Neale had a few solutions for them, one of which is for the two slower boats, ie. Formanda and Zanique to divert into Ouistreham; this is what they have opted for. The will rejoin the fleet in Dives su Mer the following day.

Tomorrow the MBM team hope to hold another Skippers briefing in the evening, a pontoon party will hopefully follow this if the weather permits. At the moment the weather is looking good for a move on Thursday.



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