Traditional shipbuilding barn raised in Beaulieu

Traditional timberworking skills will be preserved at the new Hampshire yard

A replica of an 18th century shipwright’s workshop has been completed in Hampshire, following months of manual labour by apprentices, students and carpenters.

The Buckler’s Hard project began in March, with an aim of preserving traditional shipwright’s skills and restoring classic vessels.

The completed Shipwright School in Beaulieu will be run in connection with the International Boatbuilding Training College in Portsmouth.

Locals and visitors turned out for the official opening on 2 August, which included live music and demonstrations of some of the traditional woodworking techniques employed by 18th century shipwrights.

Mary Montagu-Scott, the daughter of Lord Montagu, who has led the project said: “I am delighted that this long planned project has finally come to fruition.

“It has been a unique build in that it has been totally hand-made, using traditional methods and original tools, from the timber of approximately fifty estate trees grown less than a mile away from the site.”

All those who worked on the project were invited back to see the final frame lifted into place with a ‘gin’ pole, blocks and tackle. The ceremony was completed when Ms Montagu-Scott broke a 40-year-old bottle of local rosé

over the building, as a traditional sacrifice to the gods of shipbuilding.

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