Trawler crew rescued as boat sinks

RNLI and Gosport inland rescue save two crew south of Hayling Island

Just two miles south of Langstone Harbour, Hayling Island, an 11-metre fishing trawler issued a mayday after taking in water on Sunday. The crew onboard the RNLI lifeboat, Norma T, had just returned from a training exercise when they responded to the VHF call.

The crew of the trawler used a hand flare to confirm its position just after 3pm, and within a matter of minutes the lifeboat was there to assist with the rescue operation.
According to the RNLI, the vessel was already sitting low in the water.

RNLI helmsman Pete Slidel boarded the fishing trawler to check the ingress of water and prepare the two trawlermen for the rescue. Seconds later the trawlers engine failed, resulting in the waves dictating its direction.

Both crew were rescued before a wave engulfed part of the trawler, pulling it under and leaving the RNLI helmsman swimming.  

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Slidel said, “After the engine cut out, it was only about four or five seconds before the boat started to go. As the bow went up on the next wave, the stern went under and it began to capsize.”

The Gosport inshore rescue rib rescued Slidel from the water, and both boats remained at the scene to collect floating debris, and to mark the position of the wreck with a buoy.

Although we are currently unsure what caused the incident, which led to the sinking of the trawler, a full investigation will undoubtedly take place as soon as possible.

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