12 must-see boats at the 2017 Southampton Boat Show

Motor Boat & Yachting's run down of what we think are twelve of the most important new models on display at the 2017 Southampton Boat Show

Alfastreet 23 Cabin

Alfastreet 23 Cabin – Berth M016A

Alfastreet 23 Cabin

Alfastreet 23 Cabin

This must surely be one of the most versatile 25ft boats on the market.

There is a displacement version available with petrol, diesel or hybrid power on a choice of three different drives (pod, saildrive or outboard), a planing version capable of 40 knots on sterndrives or jets, two distinct trim options and a very smart optional hardtop that covers the entire cockpit and is height adjustable. Even the cabin roof can be raised and lowered to increase headroom and ventilation.

An added benefit is that at the end of the day, you simply lower the hardtop completely via a remote control so the boat is left totally sealed from weather and intruders.

It’s a nice-looking machine, and there’s even space in the cabin for the occasional night’s kip. Great little package.

Contact Boat Showrooms. Tel: +44 (0)1932 260261 Web: www.alfastreet-marine.com

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