Update: Costa Allegra in distress

Cruise liner Costa Allegra is now being towed to the main Seychelles Island

Six weeks after the Italian cruise liner, Costa Concordia, capsized off the Italian coast, sister ship Costa Allegra is being towed to port following an engine room fire.

Italian cruise liner Costa Allegra is being towed with more than 1000 passengers and crew aboard, after a fire left the ship adrift in the Indian Ocean with no power. Adding to the ship’s problems, the area it finds itself in is a well known trouble spot for Somalian pirates.  

The 636 passengers and 413 crew were left stranded as the ship drifted more than 20 miles in complete darkness, the ship’s limited battery supply used for communication equipment only.


Vessels from neighbouring countries arrived to assist in the early hours and are now towing the 615ft liner to Desroches Island, Seychelles. An Indian Navy plane is patrolling overhead whilst Italian armed guards are on board to repel attacks.

In a statement from Costa Crusies, it has said that the facilities at the original destination were inadequate and that it is not safe enough for the ship to dock.

The ship will now take until Thursdayto arrive in port due to the extra 155 miles to the larger island.

Families in the UK can call the company’s emergency line on 020 7940 3300.

See video footage from the BBC website


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