Venture 14: The rough with the smooth

Days four and five of Venture 14 show the two sides of Biscay

The weather on day 5 has been so good to the Venture 14 fleet that they’ve thrown our updates out of whack. The fleet is already in A Coruña with a rest day to come tomorrow. Let’s hope the marina has stocked up on cervezas

Yesterday wasn’t quite as much of a treat. Big seas battered the fleet for the leg between Arcachon and last night’s stopover Gijón.

Things were particularly tough for, which ran out of fuel just past Santander and had to be towed back to the port by Hot Lemon, now affectionally dubbed “Lemsip” by the other teams.

Grey Ghost was the first to Gijón and also tied up earliest in A Coruña, helmsman Paul’s message about day 4 read as follows:

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Tuesday 10 June, 23:34: “We arrived in Spain this afternoon! Overnighting in Gijón, northern Spain.

“Another challenging day crossing Biscay in some changeable weather but Grey Ghost is running well and maintaining her lead.

“One thousand miles down and 1,500 left – a long way to go!”

Below, you can see a track of day 4’s leg thanks to the onboard telemetry from race trackers Plant-i.

The next stop on the official course is Lisbon but that is a seriously long passage and Biscay has now been replaced with the Atlantic. Keep an eye on the fleet on Venture Track to see where they get to on Friday.

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