Venturing East

The fleet heads further inland on a wet and windy day

Thursday 11th August

Day 6

Position – Herkingen Marina, Herkingen

51°42′. 429 N 004°51′. 295 E

The dreary weather continued today, but it wasn’t bad enough to stop the fleet’s next move to Herkingen. Cruise leader Kim, aboardFormanda, set out early to assess the weather conditions in the Oosterschelde. The report came back that conditions were ok, and at lunchtime, the first boats slipped their moorings at Delta.

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The going was slow early on, due to a lock that seemed to take an age to open. The 26 boats of MBM’s fleet eventually got threw in small groups. The reward for waiting was a large piece of water with no speed limit. A few of the quicker boats were soon up on the plane making up for lost time.

At around 6pm, much later than anticipated, boats began arriving at Herkingen. A feature of this marina is its wealth of box moorings. With a stiff breeze blowing, a few of the skippers had an interesting time manoeuvring their boats between some very narrow pilings (including MBM’s very own Neale Byart).

It’s been a long day, and the crews are feeling it. There aren’t going to be many late-night shenanigans after last night’s entertainment. Tomorrow the fleet moves again to Port Zeeland, about 12 miles distant.Calm Voyagerwill be setting off with the rising sun to make a meeting with an engineer at Port Zeeland, as, two days ago, our generator gave up the ghost.



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