Video of Sealine’s test facilities

Ever wondered how a boatyard tests whether a port will leak or a cabinet will withstand 25 knots to windward? Well wonder no more as MBM takes a video camera through Sealine's Kidderminster-based test lab

Thelma and Louise
This denim-clad upholstery test unit is nicknamed Thelma and Louise. All of Sealine’s fabrics must undergo thousands of hours of this posterior punishment before they are approved for use.

Ultimate door slammer
This hydraulic rig puts interior cabinet modules through a teeth jarring series of jolts, replicating the impact a boat’s interior would experience running at 25 knots into a head sea.

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Port pressure
Leaking ports are a real problem for boaters, but Sealine carries out its own testing rather than simply relying on the product manufacturers’ claims. The inner and outer seals of ports are tested under pressure and by leaving water pooled around them.

Extra salt
This tank increases ten-fold the salt levels a boat might experience from typical sea-salt exposure. Here various stainless steel deck fittings are monitored to check for wear, corrosion and fatigue.


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