Watch a seatrial for an ‘unsinkable boat’

VIDEO: The US Navy has poured $2.5m into a revolutionary unsinkable motorboat

Trials are being carried out of a new plastic power boat which flexes to give a softer ride for its crew.

The prototype, which is 7m long and carries a crew of two, is powered by a 250hp inboard diesel engine and has a top speed of around 40 knots. If the trials are a success, a larger 11.8m version is in prospect.

Stan Widmer, a former powerboat racer, developed the double walled boat which is constructed using a thermoplastic polyethylene crosslinked material.

The boat’s trials on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin are being monitored by the US Navy, which has put some $2.5 million into the project.

“This plastic boat is unsinkable,” said Mr Widmer, “so it would save lives”.


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