We put the Windy Zonda 31 through its paces

Check out our exclusive video review of the new Windy Zonda

Windy has gone back to its roots and delivered one of the most pure and

exhilarating sportsboat experiences around.

Being a Windy it is still packed with the kind of heavyweight luxury

normally associated with far larger craft.

The overnight style cabin is

small but it comes decked out in high quality walnut and brushed steel while

a supremely cool and accommodating cockpit is offered in a vast range of

finishes and colours, as is the Zonda’s razor sharp hull.

The performance is the real star of the Zonda many qualities, its deep vee

hull allied to a single 370hp engine delivering fast, efficient power. Check it out on the water in the video below and read

the full report in the August issue of MBM.


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