Welmax disqualified after winning Italian GP

Top boat fails post-race scrutineering for rule infringement

Jorn Tandberg and Kolbjorn Selmer’s celebrations after leading the first of the two race Italian Grand Prix in Welmax on Saturday were short-lived when they were disqualified from both the race and the earlier Edox Pole Position contest when their boat failed post-race scrutineering for an infringement relating to restrictor, blow off valve and airbox specifications.

The result hands the win to the defending World Champions, Arif Al Zafeen and Nadir Bin Hendi aboard Fazza so extending their lead in the overall standings. It crucially places them in first place in the European Championship points table, one point ahead of Negotiator‘s Giovanni Carpitella and Britain’s Chris Parsonage who finished fifth, in Sunday’s final race.

Guido Cappellini and Marcello Menegatto who improved on their qualifying performance during the race, jumping Team Abu Dhabi on lap seven, to move from fourth up to third place pushing Fazza all the way to the finish, to give Cappellini his third podium of the year and Menegatto a first, were elevated to second place.

After a strong start and running in third place for six laps, Team Abu Dhabi‘s Rashed Al Tayer and John Tomlinson’s hopes of a podium finish on the American’s return to Class 1 began to fade, being passed first by Primatist on lap seven and then two laps later by Abdullah Al Mehairbi and Talib Al Sayed in Skydive Dubai, who are elevated to third place.

Results. Italian Grand Prix, Race 1

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