Winter weather: boaters beware

Following news that more wind is expected in the south of England, boaters are being warned to ensure their pride and joy is secure

We keep hearing news that the weather we are experiencing is only going to get worse. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your boat ready for the chilly season. Our practical advice pages have some great videos to show you how to protect your boat over winter.

A spokesman from marine insurers Navigators and General, said,” The amount of windage your boat presents significantly increases its risk of blowing over if stored ashore.

“If your boat is afloat it’s very important to check the condition of your warps, and double up if you can. Warps can wear at the cleats, where they rub on the toe rail, or even weaken at the knot. It’s also worth checking you are using the right type of line. Hybrid lines like Kevlar or Dyneema are not designed to stretch at all, so put much more load on the anchor points, and often snap with very little warning.”

Haven-Knox Johnston also has a word of warning to boaters about the weather. It says, “Temperatures fell to a freezing -10˚C in some parts of the country. Trapped freshwater in cooling systems or holding tanks will freeze at 0˚C, seawater at -4˚C. Catastrophic damage can be caused to any part of the boat which contains water; engines are particularly susceptible.”

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To ensure your boat stays safe over the winter, check out our practical advice section.


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