Yacht stuck in snow causes Boston traffic jam

Boston locals could scarcely believe their eyes yesterday as a 43ft yacht stuck in snow caused a traffic jam in the city centre

Traffic jams in Boston city centre are nothing new, but the cause of the hold-up yesterday was particularly unusual – a 43ft yacht stuck in snow.

The yacht, which Twitter users were quick to identify as a $500,000 Hinckley T43, was being transported from Maine to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for the New England Boat Show.

However, when its trailer got stuck in a snowdrift on the corner of Lincoln Street and Summer Street at around 2pm local time, the towing tractor was unable to pull it out.

Things got worse for the boat convoy as the tractor stalled and had to be replaced by a tow truck to complete the last mile of the journey to the exhibition centre.

Joe O’Neal from the new England Boat Show told 7News Boston: “The trailers are very long, it’s a 43-foot boat so the trailer was probably 50 feet long. It just needs a wide berth to take turns.

“The boat wasn’t damaged, the trailer was just stuck in the snow and the tractor hauling the trailer stalled,” he explained.

The New England Boat Show runs from 14-22 February and the Hinckley Yacht Company is exhibiting on Stand 1618.

The Maine boatbuilder hasn’t had the most auspicious start to show week, after its brand new T34 model was lost to a marina fire on Monday.

And things are set to get even worse, as a blizzard forecast for Valentine’s Day weekend is likely to severely limit the number of visitors to the show.