Sea Ranger 44/8

If you haven't spent time aboard a trawler-type cruiser, you're unlikely to appreciate just how differently and effectively this kind of boat functions compared with the archetypal aft-cockpit flybridge cruiser.

If you haven’t spent time aboard a trawler-type cruiser, you’re unlikely to appreciate just how differently and effectively this kind of boat functions compared with the archetypal aft-cockpit flybridge cruiser. It’s primarily to do with movement. The twin saloon side doors and aft cabin companionway allow far more flexible and quicker progress around the boat. And because the height differences between the aft cockpit, side decks, aft deck, and flybridge are all fairly small, the movement between them is quick and very safe. Huge side decks and good bulwarks also transform safety levels – taking children and pets cruising becomes a real possibility.

Practicality is a priority on the Sea Ranger, evident, for instance, in the good stowage and fiddles, and clever details like the offset davits and fender eyes. The space around the engines, their drip trays, and the hatches over their primary fillers provided a welcome surprise, as did the convenience of a wide lazarette. And being able to comfortably cope with six for dinner is a real luxury.

Given the generally fastidious attention to detail, the clutch of minor shortcomings was unexpected: the fiddly mechanism on the side- boarding gate, inadequate foredeck locker handles, and rattling doors, for instance. However, along with lowering the table, enlarging the galley worktop, and providing ladders so that kids can reach the light switches, these changes would all but complete the prototype boat’s development ­ the last 0.05% is only £200 and a few hours’ work away.

As well as safety and practicality, the other defining element of the trawler breed is the light, airy saloon, which deceives you into thinking it’s much larger. Because of the tremendous window area, sitting in the saloon in any type of weather and being able to fully appreciate the panorama outside is quite a different experience from most other boats of similar size. And so much nicer.


LOA 47ft 11in 14.61m

Hull Length 44ft 0in 13.41m

Beam 15ft 11in 4.84m

Draught 3ft 7in 1.10m

Air draught 14ft 8in 4.48m

Displacement 14.5 tonnes (light) 17.2 tonnes (loaded)

Fuel capacity 500 imp gal 2,275lt

Water capacity 175 imp gal 800lt

Engines Twin Volvo Penta TAMD 73P

430hp @ 2,600rpm

6-cylinder 6.7lt turbo diesels

4-bladed propellers

24in diameter by 27in pitch

(610mm by 685mm)

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range

1,500 11.0 3.0o 7.9 1.38 588

2,000 15.8 5.0o 17.4 0.91 385

2,200 18.6 5.0o 22.4 0.83 353

2,400 21.7 5.0o 28.2 0.77 327

2,600 24.6 5.0o 37.2 0.66 281

2,700 26.0 5.0o 42.8 0.61 258

Range allows for 15% reserve

75% fuel, 100% water, 4 crew

Sea state: flat

Wind strength: Force 1


Maximum Speed 26.0 knots

Maximum Range 258 miles at 2,700rpm

Cruising Speed 20.2 knots

Cruising Range 340 miles at 2,300rpm

Price from Price as tested

£305,334 ex TAX £313,781 ex TAX


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Sound levels dB(A) Saloon Cockpit Flybridge

Cruising @ 20.2 knots 85 81 73 85 81 73

Maximum @ 26.0 knots 88 84 76 88 84 76

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