A flybridge is a type of motor boat with an upper helm station. These models generally measure upwards of 30ft long and are particularly popular in warmer climates, such as the Mediterranean.

Also known as a flying bridge in the USA, these models benefit from all-round visibility when berthing. Variants on the market include the sportsbridge, open and hardtop flybridge.

The design predates World War Two and often involves a more basic level of instrumentation on the upper helm than you would find on the lower helm.

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Ferretti 740 aft running shot

Ferretti 740 review from Genoa Boat Show 2009

Beneteau Antares 11

A successor to the popular Antares 10.80 - but is it as good?


Our rating:  80%

Trader 75

Trader 75 - trader announce the launch of their first ever superyacht

Supernova 82

Supernova 82 - a suitably hedonistic experience from the well-regarded Nova Marine


Silverton 38 Sportsbridge - a different approach to the flybridge concept, but a very appealing one

Sea Ranger 43 AD

Sea Ranger 43 AD - an aft-cabin cruiser on a proven hull designed to suit two couples

Sealine F46

New Sealine F46 - a good looking boat with big socialising space

Meridian 391

Meridian 391 - a US-designed boat with European styling

Marquis 720

Marquis 720 - considering the vagaries of British weather, it's surprising we don't all have one!

Maritimo Aegean 60

Maritimo Aegean 60 - designed purely with Europe in mind

Maritimo 60

Maritimo 60 - very practical, especially for the UK climate


Maritimo 48 - a strong family boat