Jobe Scout 3 person towable boat tube review

Jobe seem to be slightly hit or miss with their towables but the Jobe Scout 3 is a clear home run, not least because this one has that all-important legroom...

The other valuable innovation of this boat tube design are the inflatable pads between the riders that help wedge them in place and prevent them from colliding with each other over the lumps and bumps.

There are only six handles in total (two per rider) but they were perfectly placed to hang onto, even if the middle person felt a bit like a sardine in a tin.

The angled wings on the side of the Jobe Scout serve the same purpose as those on the Jobe Binar and Jobe Revolve, helping to right the tube when landing awkwardly and acting as a lip to prevent the outside riders sliding off.

The reason we liked the Scout 3 so much is that it supplied a good mixture of thrill, comfort and longevity of ride, the three ingredients we consider essential to the enjoyment of any towable.

It shares this trait with the Jobe Binar 2 but instead of lounging sofa style, you ride the Scout lying down head first with your face inches from the water, which only adds to the thrill for some.

The Jobe Scout is suitable for all ages and abilities, although ultimately that depends on the boat driver delivering an equally suitable tow, whether that’s a smooth steady run behind the boat or a wilder ride outside the wake. It also comes in at a reasonable price for such a big high quality tube.

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  • Value for money
  • Plenty of thrills
  • Plenty of space


  • Not many handles
  • Middle person can get squeezed
  • Can only be ridden in one way


The three-person Scout costs the same as some two-person tubes while delivering a much more comfortable and entertaining ride. There’s also a smaller Scout 2 model that comes in even cheaper, if you haven’t got the space or budget for the Scout 3.


Capacity: 3 people
Handles: 6
Dimensions (inflated): 85" L x 70"W
Thrill rating: 4/5
Comfort rating: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

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