The Corsiva Coaster 720 GT is great for low and high speed day boating, but with the potential for over-night stops too

Product Overview

Corsiva Coaster 720 GT


  • On the water for £33,000 – a bargain!
  • Composed at low and high speed
  • Standing headroom under the sliding roof
  • Lots of useful and varied storage
  • Surprisingly good rough weather ride


  • Tinted windows + gloomy weather = hazard
  • Heads lacks privacy of French rivals


Corsiva Coaster 720 GT review


Price as reviewed:

£42,995.00 (inc UK VAT)
The Corsiva Coaster 720 GT has three surprises in store. One is its cost. Although it can be bought (ex delivery) without any engine for £28,995 inc VAT, more realistically it starts at £32,695 with the smallest 25hp outboard motor.

That puts it head-to-head with the acknowledged masters of small boat value for money, the French.

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The 720 also exhibited impressive composure at both ends of the speed spectrum. Pottering along the Itchen river on our way out into a choppy Southampton Water, it needed almost no attention on the wheel whatsoever, a boon for those who intend to use it on the inland waterways.

Outboard options stretch from 25hp to the tested 150hp Suzuki

Outboard options stretch from 25hp to 200hp

Only in quartering seas did it need correction on the wheel, and how often do you find those on the river?

Yet the 720 GT also remained unflappable when it was hurtling along at up to 33 knots, courtesy of the 150hp Mercury outboard fitted to our test boat.

And not just in a straight line, in extremely tight turns too. However, if that composure tempts you into fitting the largest 200hp option in pursuit of the theoretical 38 knots on offer, I’d highly recommend fitting some good fast-acting trim-tabs.

Quite how it manages to provide such an easygoing ride in bumpy conditions with such obviously flat aft hull sections is a mystery, but it’s certainly a welcome puzzle.

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