Dromeas sportsboats: Everything you need to know

Founded in 2017 by Turkish Olympic Sailor, Efe Kuyumcu, the aim at Dromeas Yachts is to build some of the toughest and most versatile high-performance offshore leisure boats in the world.

And by positioning itself in the 25-40ft day boating sector and leveraging the design input of British race guru, Adam Younger, it is already enjoying significant success.

Its use of the latest vacuum-infusion techniques, epoxy resins and carbon-fibre reinforcements has seen it forge a powerful reputation for the low weight, high strength and advanced security of its boats.

And by focusing on centre console, hardtop and SUV-style configurations, it has also become known for the breadth and practicality of its deck arrangements.

Fast, fun and accessible, with a high-tech production facility in Turkey and a new Southampton Head Office, Dromeas Yachts is becoming a very major part of the sportsboat conversation.

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The Dromeas Yachts range

At the entry point to the Dromeas fleet, the D28 comes with a deep-V twin-stepped hull and one of three alternative deck layouts.

The Dromeas D28 CC is a spacious 50-knot dayboat with a lovely central helm, a convertible U-shaped bow dinette and a heads compartment, accessed through a lifting door in the front of the helm console.

The WA variant adds a neat little forward cabin to the mix, while the SUV adds an elegant four-season pilothouse and a 500hp transom for serious offshore adventure.

The midrange D33 also comes in WA and SUV configurations with a race-derived offshore hull and up to twin 400hp outboards.

The flagship D38 CC inherits some of the best features of each layout with wide-open decks, twin cabins, entertaining zones fore and aft, a huge cockpit wetbar and the option of triple 450hp outboards for easy 50-knot performance.

Our pick

The new D28 SUV takes the dynamic sportsboat underpinnings of the standard D28, ramps up the engine options to twin 250hp outboards and combines a seductive helming experience with an enclosed cockpit for authentic year-round practicality.


While the D28 is available in in open CC and WA formats, the SUV’s uprated power and enclosed wheelhouse make it a more versatile year-round companion

In spite of very serviceable overnighting facilities for four, there’s plenty of style here too. In fact, thanks to its purposeful black rails, its range of military-inspired hull colours, its all-glass pilothouse and its aggressively angled screen, this multi-purpose 50-knot boat presents a wonderfully potent profile.

And it backs up its infectious Action Man posturing with deep-cut forward spray rails, thickset rubbing strakes and reassuringly elevated forward gunwales for a dry and secure ride at sea. Fast and easily customised with stylish looks and huge versatility of application, the Dromeas D28 SUV is a profoundly capable sportsboat.

Dromeas D28 SUV specifications

LOA: 8.25m
Beam: 2.70m
Engines: Single or twin outboards up to 500hp
Top speed: 50 knots
Starting price: £128,000 (inc. VAT)

Tel: +44 (0) 2381 112435 / +44 (0)1202 748312 / +44 (0)1534 711000
Web: www.dromeasyachts.com

First published in the August 2022 MBY Sportsboat supplement, supported by Dromeas Yachts.


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