Editor’s Choice: Clarion CMSP speakers

No boat party would be complete without a decent onboard entertainment system, and for anyone wanting to go beyond sound alone and dazzle their guests with a full son et lumière experience, Clarion's new CMSP speakers are well worth a listen and a look.

That’s because in addition to pumping out crisp, clean sound, each model in the range is offered with integral RGB LED lighting to add a colourful helping of grist to the mood music mill.

For those more inclined to Radio 3 than Radio 1, non-illuminated versions of the speakers are available too.

Offered in 6.5″ and 7.7″ options, Clarion’s CMSP coaxial, full-range speakers deliver 50W RMS and 60W RMS respectively.

There’s an accompanying 10-inch subwoofer which provides 250W RMS and all speakers in the range have been designed to match with Clarion’s Marine amplifiers.

For the techno-bods among us, Clarion tell us their CMSP marine coaxial speakers feature a bridge-mounted, edge-driven, silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling for outstanding high-frequency detail.

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Integrated within the woofer basket, away from the elements, is a second-order, high-pass tweeter filter. With the tweeter being suspended across the woofer cone, the woofer assembly is completely sealed from the front.

This eliminates a common failure point of typical coaxial speakers. This design also creates more woofer cone surface area, which translates to better efficiency and output.

Clarion says the injection-molded woofer cone with purpose-shaped centre cap and marine-grade suspension components delivers low distortion and excellent midrange response.

The range’s 10″ subwoofer is optimised for infinite-baffle applications, thus not requiring a dedicated enclosure behind the subwoofer.

The Clarion CMSP premium marine subwoofer feature a long-excursion design capable of high power-handling, to deliver impactful low frequency response with low distortion.

It’s also available in single four-ohm or single two-ohm voice coil models for system design versatility.

Price: TBC

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