Editor’s Choice: Clarks Orson Harbour boat shoes

The collaboration between footwear specialist Clarks and sailing wear brand Musto resulted in the most comfortable pair of deck shoes editor Hugo claims to have ever worn, the late lamented Musto Clarks Orson Drifts.

Sadly, they are no longer being made but Clarks has taken on the baton by continuing to manufacture its own range of Orson Harbour deck shoes.

Similar in looks and style to the Orson Drifts, they appear to offer all the same benefits of the originals but without the Musto branding.

Made from soft water resistant leather with a Rock rubber sole featuring a micro-siped tread pattern for maximum wet surface grip, they are said to perform every bit as well as their predecessors.

A unique AquaDX drainage system also ensures that any water that does wash over the sides will soon drain out again to stop your feet swilling around in their own leather pond.

It even features special Agion anti-bacterial technology to guard against the onset of that uniquely awful smell of an over-ripe deck shoe stuffed in a hot, damp boat locker before it’s properly dried out.

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Available in either dark brown and tan or blue and chestnut leathers and in sizes from 7 to 11 including half sizes, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect fit and style for you.

We’ve yet to try these new Orson Harbour boat shoes for ourselves to see if they really are as comfortable as the original Orson Drifts but if they are a worthy successor to this much loved classic then they deserve a permanent place on the annual Editor’s Choice list, if only to keep Hugo quiet!

Price: £85

Buy it now on Amazon.co.uk

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