Editor’s Choice: Dometic CFX3 cool box

Ever heard of Hayseed Dixie? No, well they're a band of uber-talented bluegrass hillbillies who take to the stage with a single prop – a battered old cool box loaded with beer.

What they would give for a new state-of-the-art Dometic CFX3 cooler, heaven knows, but we’re sure they’d be impressed.

In fact, they’d be spoilt for choice, as Dometic offer not one cool box under the snappily titled CFX3 banner but a full range of eight models covering every imaginable chilling need.

Starting with the entry level CFX3 25 cool box with a 25-litre capacity, up to the majestic CFX3 100 99-litre unit.

The range includes boxes with ice makers and dual-zones as well as offering a wide variety of carrying capacities.

All CFX3 cool boxes are compressor units as opposed to thermoelectric or gas-fuelled absorption models.

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That means they are powered (12V DC or 240V AC) and operate much as a regular refrigerator.


While the units have to be tethered to their power source, the big benefit is that they have the power to freeze, or keep items frozen, regardless of the ambient temperature.

By comparison, a thermoelectric machine will cool to around 20°C below ambient.

Unlike thermoelectric units, however, compressor models cannot heat, so it’s important purchasers consider their needs carefully before shelling out.

Across the CFX3 range, the styling is attractively understated and the quality everything you would expect from a Scandi-firm like Dometic.

Spring-loaded aluminium carrying handles tuck themselves away neatly after use, while a ruggedly constructed exo-frame provides protection in transit.

The cooling temperature is set on a high resolution colour display screen, after which everything can be controlled by way of the system’s smartphone app.


There’s no question that Dometic, which can trace its roots back to the two Swedish engineers who came up with the idea of the fridge in the first place, make great refrigeration and cooling products.

As Hayseed Dixie might say, we’re mighty impressed with the CFX3 range and think you will be too.

Price: £694.00 – £1,202.00 inc VAT

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