Editor’s Choice: Electric Surfboard – Lift Foil LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite

Good news for thrill-seekers everywhere is that Puerto Rico-based Lift has added two new models to its eFoil range for 2021, the LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite.

Occupying the same consumer space as Fliteboard, Lift’s eFoils get the adrenalin rushing in exactly the same way by effectively combining surfing with flying.

They also offer plenty of opportunities for tumbling into the briny as riders seek to master their new toys.

The new generation Lift foil boards build on the heritage of their predecessor, the LIFT2, which is now offered as the company’s entry level product.

The LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite feature upgraded, lighter and higher-end carbon construction, are more sleekly shaped for improved aerodynamics and come in four new sizes: 4’2″ Pro, 4’9″ Sport, 5’4″ Cruiser, 5’9″ Explorer.

With an eye-watering claimed top speed of 35 mph, they’re also 40 percent faster than the LIFT2.

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Run time has been uplifted too, with the Mk 3 models operating for up to two hours on a single charge compared to 1.5 hours for the Mk 2.

Under the bonnet, the LIFT3’s electronics and propulsion system have been completely upgraded for enhanced speed and efficiency.

In common with the LIFT2, both new models are emissions-free to minimise environmental disturbance.

They are also noise-free which should help avoid bugging anyone else in the bay at the time.

As the flagship of the range, the LIFT3 Elite incorporates the same updates as the LIFT3 plus an upgraded carbon fibre hand controller with a soft rubber grip, an adjustable milled titanium trigger, a coloured display with speed and GPS location functions which pair with the company’s improved app.

We witnessed two foiling boards in operation in Totland Bay on the Isle of Wight recently. Judging by the time they stayed upright, both riders had to be experts.

They made the entire experience look phenomenally cool – so if you’re looking to a toy to turn heads, a Lift foil board might just be the answer.

Price: US$14,400 – 16,800 (inc. VAT)

Buy it now on Liftfoils.com

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