Editor’s Choice: Henri-Lloyd Seadale 3-1 all season jacket

Perhaps as significant as the impressive Seadale 3-1 all season jacket itself is Henri-Lloyd's approach to business.

This is a brand which has never been afraid to carve its own path, and last autumn it adopted a radical new marketing model which sees its products sold exclusively through its own website and four Henri-Lloyd stores.

The effect is that consumers can make simply jaw-dropping savings compared to what they would have traditionally paid.

Take the jacket combo featured here for example; today it costs less than half of what it would just a few short months ago.

It’s a move sure to rock the retail world, but something’s had to give, hasn’t it?

Apparently not, according to Henri-Lloyd who insist there’s been no compromise, either in terms of quality or the company’s ethical and sustainability aspirations.

In our view, the Henri-Lloyd Seadale 3-1 jacket certainly bears that out – it’s a fabulous piece of kit that appeals in a number of ways.


In acutality, the Seadale 3-1 is two items of clothing; the outer Sea Jacket designed to keep you dry at all times thanks to its ECO BIONIC © water repellent finish, and the super-comfy lightweight inner Airedale quilted jacket lined with duck down and feathers.

These two components account for the ‘Sea’ and ‘Dale’ parts of the jacket’s name and the ‘3-1’ refers to the fact that the Henri-Lloyd Seadale provides three distinct wearing options:

Don both items for a fully encased and cosseted waterproof experience, select the outer Sea Jacket only for those warm but wet days at sea, or slip on the Airdale for those cool evening forays ashore.

The detailing on both items is exceptional, and we particularly like the ‘Round the World Race’ patch on the left hand sleeve of the Sea Jacket.

It’s a nice touch which harks back to the days when Henri-Lloyd’s garments were often adorned with a distinctive emblem to set them apart from the crowd.

Price: £275.00 (inc. VAT)

Buy it now on Henrilloyd.com

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