Tried and tested: Henri-Lloyd Seadale 3-1 all season jacket

We put the Henri-Lloyd Seadale 3-1 all season jacket to the test during a typically unpredictable British summer.

When I grew up, tennis balls were white, cameras used film and a word processor was a pencil with a rubber on the end. Life was simple back then.

Coats were easy too; raincoats were raincoats, (mac if you were posh), but as sure as anoraks would morph into rally jackets, the inexorable march of time has seen a new breed of overgarment evolve – which in Henri Lloyd’s case is known as the Seadale 3-1 all season jacket.

In fact, this fine piece of clothing is actually two pieces of clothing – a waterproof Sea Jacket outer and an Airedale inner down jacket – which work in combination to provide solutions for three different weather conditions (hence the ‘3-1’ bit) namely: cold and dry, mild but wet, and cold, wet and windy.

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Given that each of these three situations occur every ten minutes or so during the typical British summer, we figured that testing the Henri-Lloyd Seadale would present us with no practical problems. And so it turned out to be…

First of all came the cold and dry weather of early summer. A fresh day (don’t be fooled by the picture) on the Solent gave us the ideal test setting for the Airedale.

Apart from doing its best to electrocute me with a hefty bolt of static as I removed it from its plastic bag, the quilted jacket behaved well all day. Inside its 100 percent Nylon outer shell is a filling described as 80/20 duck down/feather 650 Fill Power.


What that adds up to is a jacket which keeps you warm and comfortable for as long as you choose to wear it. At no time did the chill of the day permeate through, nor did it become overheated.

As this product is sold as a combination, we found the Seadale jacket on its own a touch on the loose side. But when the heaven’s opened, the full two piece came into its own.

With the Airedale providing the inner warmth, the Seadale jacket sneered at the weather. If it could have said, “Bring it on”, it would have done. For even in a downpour, not one drop of water managed to permeate its Eco Bionic water resistant coated outer.


With both the outer and inner elements of the combo looking great too, the Henri-Lloyd Seadale 3-1 all season jacket gets a big thumbs up from the MBY Tried & Tested team.

Price: £275.00 (inc. VAT)

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