Tried & tested: Gill OS3 Coastal Jacket

Gill's OS3 Coastal Jacket is a product specifically designed for those days you don't actually want to be at sea but find yourself there all the same, writes Phil Sampson...

As a foul weather jacket, this is one rough, tough customer. Constructed of XPLORE two-layer waterproof and breathable fabric coated with XPEL water-repellent, stain- and odour-resistant technology, and with cuffs featuring adjustable polyurethane inner seals, plus a YKK Aquaguard zip with internal storm guard, this coat has the lot.

It has useful safety features too, with reflective patches on the sleeves and a hi-vis hood making it easy to spot crew members on deck after dark.

We tested the OS3 Coastal Jacket in a number of conditions, ranging from dry chilly days to wet, thundery ones, and found it to be bulletproof in terms of its weather resistance.

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Included in our trials was a typical British summer’s day on the south coast where black skies gathered and the heavens opened unleashing a mighty downpour on the unsuspecting OS3, which happened to be on the pontoon at the time.

This proved to be an ideal test for the XPEL coating, the performance of which was nothing short of amazing. Drenched with rain droplets, a quick shake and the water simply flew off – every single drop of it. XPEL, we concluded, has to be what ducks’ backs are made of…

Inside the OS3 Coastal Jacket the wearer feels thoroughly spoilt and cosseted. In no circumstances did we find ourselves uncomfortable. Unlike some waterproofs which cause the body to overheat and end up just as wet had you not been wearing it, the XPLORE breathable fabric does its job brilliantly.


The high-cut, fleece lined collar is great too as it keeps your neck warm no matter how hard the wind is blowing. Zip the jacket right up and tighten up the drawstrings on its inbuilt rain hood and you’re ready for anything.

As a foul weather waterproof, it’s hard to fault the Gill OS3 Coastal Jacket. Just one point to bear in mind is that it is not an all-in-one solution – in cold weather, you’ll likely welcome an extra layer or two.

Price: £185.00 inc VAT (Men’s OS3 Coastal Jacket)

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