Editor’s Choice: IRIS735 camera

We've not been out and measured all its competitors ourselves, but we have no reason to doubt Iris when they tell us their IRIS735 micro-compact camera is the world's smallest through-hull/bulkhead unit of its type.

Measuring 28 x 36mm and projecting just 8.5mm from the panel to which it is mounted, the IP67 waterproof rated IRIS735 is equipped with a 2.9mm wide angle lens and a Sony Starlight sensor for low light operation.

In our opinion it’s a tiddler that punches well above its weight as it enables you to keep an eye on hidden areas of your boat via a choice of four video formats.

Those formats are TVI, CVI, AHD and CVBS. Select TVI, CVI or AHD for analogue high-definition video.

When set to TVI, the IRIS735 provides hi-definition real-time video which can be viewed on multi function displays via Iris’ CMAC systems, or fed to a TV via an IRIS995 TVI~HDMI convertor.

When set to CVBS, the camera is compatible with all chart plotter models that support composite video inputs.

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The IRIS735’s casing is machined from corrosion resistant marine grade 316L stainless steel and has been designed to sit flush into the hull.

The unit certainly has a solid and sturdy feel to it, and while we’ve not yet had the opportunity to do so, we’d have no reservations in fitting one as a long-term addition to our boat.

The camera’s lens provides a 140 degree field of view, which would make it a boon for docking operations – for with one of these on each side of your boat and another on the transom you’d definitely have great visibility all round.

And while that may make it difficult to convince your crewmates it wasn’t your fault if things do still go wrong, it should at least help you spend less time engaged in the age-old pastime of pontoon bashing.

Price: £354 (inc. VAT)

Buy it no on boat-cameras.com

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