Editor’s Choice: Kooduu Speaker/Lamp and Wine Cooler

Soft lights, music and a glass or two of fine wine; the perfect recipe for an evening with friends, a boat barbeque or a full-on beach party.

All you need to make it happen (in addition to some guests, of course) is a lighting gantry, a sound system and a refrigerator – up until now, that is.

Take a bow, Koodoo, a neat piece of integrated design if ever there was one, which incorporates all three of our essential entertainment elements into a single package.

That’s right; Kooduu is a portable lamp, Bluetooth speaker and drinks cooler all in one – an innovative accessory which we think is likely to become a must-have for the chattering classes.

It’s a good looking piece of kit too – “Dutch X Danish design” according to the pamphlet we were sent.

Whatever that means we do not know, but what we can tell you is that Kooduus are extremely slick and stylish and will look great in any setting – on board, on the pontoon or on the beach.

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They are quality products too, with a real leather handle, electroplated nylon feet and a brushed aluminium opening.

In terms of performance, a six hour battery charge via the Kooduu’s micro USB port will provide up to ten hours playtime, or 18 hours lamp only.

That lamp, by the way, is an easy-on-the-eye, warm white 2,700 degrees Kelvin.

The unit’s Synergy S speaker provides 8W of 360-degree sound and can connect to one other Synergy S speaker, but if you select the Synergy Pro option that can link to multiple Synergy Pro speakers.

The Bluetooth range for both options is quoted as ten metres.

When it comes to chilling the wine tucked away inside the Kooduu, simply add ice.

To accommodate all needs, Kooduus come in three sizes – small (41 cm), medium (56 cm) and large (72 cm).

Kooduu: everything you could possibly need for entertaining on a glorious British summer’s evening. Except, of course, for the brolly…

Price: £110.00 – 235.00 inc VAT

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