Editor’s Choice: KVH TracPhone V30 VSAT

We like KVH's new TracPhone V30 VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system because, its UK distributor C.A. Clase (UK) Limited tells us, it's the smallest, lightest and lowest powered maritime VSAT system on the market today.

Delivering data download speeds of up to 6mbps and uploads of up to 2mbps, the system is offered with a choice of worldwide unlimited or metered usage plans.

Pricing for an unlimited data plan begin at £109/month, while flexible plans start at £69/month (both prices are USD rate dependent).

The 10-30VDC TracPhone V30 has an ultra-compact 37 cm antenna and weighs in at a shade over 10.5 kg. KVH say this makes it 55% smaller in diameter and 75% lighter than leading competing 60cm VSAT systems.

They also claim the unit offers higher or comparable data speeds to other brands while being more affordable and easier and simpler to install.

And on that last point, a singe coaxial cable is all that’s needed to connect the TracPhone V30 to its VSAT hub. That hub is a streamline all-in-one unit which sits below decks.

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It too is small in size and in addition to powering the TracPhone V30 it includes network management software, data routeing and firewall security, a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) adaptor, built-in WiFi and an ethernet switch.

Both the power and the ethernet connections to the TracPhone V30 are provided by way of the coax cable.

In operation, KVH reports the unit provides excellent Ku-band reception even in bad weather – obviously an important consideration for any mariner venturing far offshore.

And when not enjoying the benefits of the TracPhone V30’s reception capabilities, owners can keep an eye on their data usage by visiting myKVH, KVH’s dedicated management information portal.

Which provides secure access 24/7 to a powerful range of data analysis, reporting and control tools.

Price: £11,249.00 inc VAT

Buy it now on caclase.co.uk

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