Editor’s Choice: MiRider One MkII

Folding electric bikes have become extremely popular accessories among the motorboating fraternity.

The original MiRider One was one of our favourite e-bikes that we have tested in recent times thanks to its reasonable price, compact dimensions and ride comfort.

There were some small niggles that needed attention but MiRider appears to have addressed most of these with this new 2021 model.

Some of the changes are obvious like the reshaped and much more comfortable handlebars, the longer saddle pole and the new wheels, which now have black rims and are lighter than before. In fact, the whole bike is 1.5kg lighter than the original model with a total weight of 17.2kg.

Other differences are more subtle, like tyres which now come as standard with puncture protection fluid and the two-fingered brake levers which are supposed to feel more tactile and provide better feel when deploying the stoppers.

The major news, however, is the new battery, a 7AH Samsung which boosts the range by 25% to 45 miles depending on rider weight and terrain. There’s also a larger and quieter motor installed inside the rear wheel hub with a 25% increase in torque over the previous model.

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What does this mean on the road? The MiRider One is even more enjoyable to ride than before, with smooth but powerful assistance being fed in via the pedals up to 15.5mph or a thumb throttle up to 4mph.

There are five different levels of assistance that you can adjust via the LCD screen depending on how hard you want to work.


The MiRider One has been refined for 2021

I did more testing on rutted country lanes this time around and the elements that were so impressive about the original bike still shine. The wheels are a decent diameter and are wrapped in thick treads which provide a cushioned ride.

The front and rear forks are fixed but there is a shock absorber built into the base of the seat post which helps take the edge off the worst bumps. Considering how compact it is, the MiRider One punches well above its weight when it comes to comfort.

The lack of any mechanical gears can be frustrating at times and the LCD screen is still a bit fiddly but ultimately the update for 2021 have made what was a very good e-bike even better.

Price: £1,450

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