Editor’s Choice: Nautibuoy Platform

It's party time and you've got too many people and not enough boat. So what do you do? Call Nautibuoy.

There’s no denying that Nautibuoy’s range of inflatable platforms are a great idea as they effectively extend the size of your boat by, well, as much as you like really.

There’s no need to stop at one platform, just tie a string of them together and just keep on going and going and going…

But there’s more, and when you start considering what you can do with a Nautibuoy or two, you begin to realise just how clever the concept is.

For a start, all the extra space comes at a one-off cost; you won’t be paying marinas a penny more for the additional square footage you gain.

Then there’s the kids – remember them and all the noise they generate?

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Anchor your Nautibuoy off the beach, an ear-safe distance away from your boat, and – hey presto – they’ve suddenly got their own domain.

Free of grumpy parents while mum and dad get some much deserved peace – it’s a win-win for everyone!

Another attractive Nautibuoy feature is that the platforms sit at water level, making them an ideal watersports centre.

This not only gives you somewhere to keep the toys while anchored up, but also provides an easy launch and recovery option.

Nautibuoys are constructed from materials specially selected to withstand the marine environment and have been designed and tested to withstand toy and jet-ski loads in a variety of sea conditions.

Available in four sizes, the platforms are quickly inflated and deflated – even the largest takes less than five minutes.

In terms of stowage, Nautibuoys roll up like a carpet, (don’t be fooled by the teak – it might look like the real thing but it isn’t!).

With rolls on average being around 32 cm in diameter and 1.5 or 2.0 metres long, depending on the width of the platform.

They’re not excessively heavy either; the lightest weighs in at just 22 kg, the largest at 46 kg.

Price: From £3,180.00 inc. VAT

Buy it now on nautibuoymarine.com

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