Editor’s Choice: Oceanic Systems Poseidon 7 MFD

Poseidon 7 is a new product from alarm, display and control systems manufacturer, Oceanic Systems.

What’s different about this addition to its Poseidon portfolio is that it is specifically targeted at the smaller boat market which, according to the company’s PR, makes it ideal for 25-60ft vessels.

What attracted us to Poseidon 7 is its ability to monitor and control any vessel NMEA2000 data, such as tank levels, AC/DC power, and bilge and fire detection systems.

The information captured is presented to the user via a clearly laid out high resolution, sunlight-readable touchscreen display unit.

Housed in a rugged IP67 waterproof case, the display can be either panel or trunnion mounted. Poseidon 7 is a stand-alone system which requires no additional software of hardware.

It’s also very much a product designed with flexibility in mind, as it can be uniquely configured by the user to suit their own personal needs and requirements.

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Customisation is effected by using a simple drag-and-drop editor to create a bespoke multipage data and control display.

The system comes with an extensive library of gauge and control options and can import schematics, images and backgrounds, thereby adding further to its appeal.

External connectivity is provided by way of USB and ethernet ports. It is said that good things come in small packages and Poseidon 7 with its 7″ head unit certainly lives up to that.

The display is also extremely attractive and easy on the eye and would grace any helm.

A glance at the testimonials on Oceanic Systems’ website shows the high regard in which the company is held by its commercial customers, so we fully expect this venture into the smaller end of the boating market to bear fruit.

Definitely a product worth checking out for any boater looking to delve deeper into the innermost workings of their vessel.

Price: £1,194.00 inc VAT

Buy it now on osukl.com

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