Editor’s Choice: OverBoard Pro Sports duffel bag

Judging by today's offerings, duffel bags ain't what they used to be.

Gone are the traditional tartan cylindrical drawstring bags beloved by those spotters lurking outside the bus garage, replaced by a new generation of high performance, high capacity holdalls more akin to what mariners might have once have called a seabag.

For our selection we’ve chosen the Pro-Sports waterproof duffel from bag and case supplier OverBoard.

Available in three sizes – 40, 60 and 90 litres (funny how waterproof bags are measured by how much liquid they can hold…) – OverBoard duffels provide full protection from the elements.

So no matter whether its water, dirt, sand or dust, your belongings should stay safe, dry and clean inside whichever size Pro-Sports bag you choose.

A quick trot around the product reveals a host of attractive features. The Overboard Pro-Sports is made from a hard wearing, tough PVC tarpaulin, and it floats should you drop it in the briny.

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That’s due in no small part to its seamless welded construction, which also contributes to its water tightness, in terms of which the bag itself is rated Class 3/IP66, while its weatherproof front zip pocket earns a tick in the Class 2 IP65 box.

What this means is that the Pro-Sports should be able to comfortably handle the British weather and/or a quick submersion.

Dotted around the Overboard Pro-Sports are a number of handy pockets; in addition to the quick access front zip mesh pocket, there are side mesh zip pockets and an a wet/dry pocket inside the bag.

Four D-rings give multiple attachments options, and lugging the thing around is made easy with a choice of a top carry handle or an end haul handle (of which there are two on the large 90-litre bag).

And if hauling is not your thing, simply attach the padded back straps supplied with every bag and turn your duffel into a rucksack.

Or should that be knapsack, or maybe even backpack, in today’s parlance?

Price: £79.99 – £104.99 (inc. VAT)

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