Editor’s Choice: Spinnaker Dumas

Never did a diver's watch have a more appropriate name.

For Frédéric Dumas, the eponymous hero of this story, was one of a trio of Frenchmen who helped bring diving to the masses, his two chums being Phillipe Taillez and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

What’s more, Dumas was involved in the development of the diving regulator, thereby cementing his place forever in the pantheon of sub-aqua gods.

All of which means the watch bearing his name comes with a certain maritime promise – one which, in our view, does not disappoint.

Drawing its inspiration from the watch shapes and designs of the 1970s, the Spinnaker Dumas is a beefy timepiece with a distinct retro feel about it.

Offered in a choice of eight faces ranging from a super-subtle grey with orange trim to a yellow so bright it would surely scare off a Great White, there’s a trim option for everyone.

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The watch is topped with scratch resistant crystal glass and its marine grade, octagonal stainless steel case has an exhibition back, which we liked as it means you get to watch the cogs doing their stuff.

The 120-click uni-directional turning bezel offers genuine functionality, essential for a watch capable of reaching 300 metres, a depth far in excess of anything a recreational diver is ever going to experience.

At the heart of the beast is an automatic self-winding Seiko movement, which provides accurate timekeeping and a date read out, and the entire package wraps around your wrist courtesy of a handsome Milanese mesh bracelet.

We think this is a watch which would look good anywhere – either on the surface or underwater.

It’s comfortably chunky, pleasingly weighted and by combining form, function and style, its makers have done a great job.

Best of all, there’s no question that the Spinnaker Dumas delivers an awful lot of watch for its relatively modest price tag.

Price: £315 (inc. VAT)

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