Editor’s Choice: Ultra Anchor

We reckon if shininess was a measure of how good a product is, then Ultra Marine's anchor would be up there at the top of the list.

After all, how many boat anchors are hand made then hand polished to give them that extra sparkle – so much so in Ultra’s case you practically need a pair of welder’s goggles to look at them even on a dull day?!

In creating its super cool anchor, Ultra Marine began by setting out a stall called quality and took it from there.

Constructed of high grade 316L and 318LN Duplex stainless steel, and with a lead filled tip to achieve the optimal weight distribution.

The Ultra anchor is not only good looking and well balanced but also a tough piece of kit designed to take whatever the ocean decides to throw at it for years to come.

In fact, Ultra Marine’s confidence in its product is such that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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In technology terms, this is an advanced piece of kit too. The shank has been made hollow to lower the centre of gravity, thereby ensuring the Ultra anchor always hits the sea bed the right way up and in the attack position.

Down at the sharp end, a curved tip faces downwards to grab and penetrate without having to rely on the weight of the chain.

There’s also what Ultra Marine call a ‘scratch-catch’ point at the bottom which prevents dragging and provides an instant set when the anchor moves.

In addition to helping the Ultra anchor bury itself deeper, the side wings have been designed to stabilise the anchor as it digs in.

The underside of the unit is flat so that when the anchor is recovered it pivots on the flat section to aid the release. Lastly, there’s an anti chain-foul bar to prevent snagging and to which a trip line can be attached.

Price: From €688.80 (inc. VAT)

Buy it now on ultramarine-anchors.com

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