Editor’s Choice: Williams Minijet 280

With quality oozing out of every one of their mechanical pores, Williams manufacture what is arguably the gold standard of tenders.

The Williams Minijet 280 – the baby of the range – is our choice here. That’s because in our view this perfectly-formed little beauty represents nothing less than the ultimate small jet tender.

We’ve already used the word once here, but ‘quality’ is what comes back and grabs you time after time as you wade through the Minijet 280’s spec and extensive list of features and accessories.

The tender itself is just 2.79 metres (9′ 2″) long by 1.54 metres (5′ 1″) wide, a significant proportion of which is occupied by the vessel’s top end and highly durable Hypalon tubes.

That notwithstanding, Williams have succeeded in shoe-horning in three comfortable sealed and upholstered seats, a functional and well laid out centre console, a powerful 60hp Rotax ACE 900 engine, a 28-litre fuel tank, and more in a superbly balanced craft capable of reaching 38 mph.

With the Minijet 280, Williams were looking to broaden their portfolio by creating a jet tender which can fit into a wide variety of garages onboard smaller luxury yachts.

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With that ambition realised, many more owners can now experience the pleasure of a Williams jet tender for themselves. And, of course, if you don’t have a smaller luxury yacht, you can always tow one behind the family saloon.

Editors-Choice-Williams-Minijet-280-credit-Tim Hetherington

In operation, the Williams Minijet 280 is not only quick but also highly manoeuvrable.

It’s handling continues to be positive and precise throughout the speed range, and to assist new drivers come to terms with the performance there’s a power limiter built in to the drive.

The centre-mounted helm is uncluttered, but provides everything needed close to hand to ensure a safe and controlled journey.

Whether it’s rapid transits to and from the mothership or just for a dash around the bay for fun, the Williams Minijet 280 is sure to be the weapon of choice for many a discerning mariner.

Price: £17,100 inc VAT

Buy it now on Williamsjettenders.com

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