Spot the Pot manifesto

What is Spot the Pot all about?

spot the pot

According to figures released by the RNLI, lifeboats have been called out to deal with 289 incidents involving props being fouled by pot lines or nets in the last year. Here at MBM, we believe many of these incidents could be avoided if a few simple changes were made.

There is currently no overarching set of regulations specifying how the pots should be marked. MBM wants this to change.

We have devised a five-point manifesto calling for bigger, better and more visible marking for lobster pots, as well as safer practice when it comes to disposing of torn nets and broken fishing gear.

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Our manifesto

1. Clear marker
MBM is calling for all pots to be marked with a danbuoy with a flag extending to at least one metre above the water.

2. Sinking line
MBM wants to see all pots fitted with sinking lines to keep the danger well below the surface.

3. Lights
MBM wants to see cheap, effective yellow buoy lights installed on all markers, making them visible in the dark.

4. Dumping
MBM is asking for a clear commitment to properly disposing of debris, whether you have five pots or 5000.

5. Channels
MBM knows that sometimes it’s hard for fishermen to avoid working in the channel but a little common sense when it comes to laying pots and nets would make life a lot easier for everyone – and save the fishermen money that might otherwise have to go on replacing pots that some unlucky boater has picked up.

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