Bavaria SR36 sea trial: Full test of this stylish family sportscruiser

Can the new Bavaria SR36 cruiser live up to the award-winning Bavaria SR41? Alex Smith heads for Clipper Marine to find out...

Bavaria has become famous over the years for user-friendly mid-sized sportscruisers with inboard engines and affordable pricing.

From time to time, it has also been known for allowing internal practicality to dominate external form, resulting in conspicuously elevated rooflines and
high-sided aesthetics. But when the Bavaria SR41 arrived on the scene, it did a lot to shift that focus.

With big boat volume, small boat sportiness and luxury boat styling, it occupied the ideal middle ground between Bavaria’s S Class and R Class cruisers.

In fact, it did that job so well, it earned itself the prize for ‘Best Sportscruiser Under 50ft’ at our annual Motor Boat Awards.

And even before you step on board, the new Bavaria SR36 appears to exhibit plenty of that same keenly resolved, cruise-friendly design intelligence.

In addition to a wider beam than the existing Bavaria S36, the hull sides come up much higher.

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That creates extra internal volume, while minimising the relative height of the superstructure. And to augment that sleeker appearance, the structure itself uses a hardtop that appears to float on glass, without the clunky intervention of big fibreglass supports.

Instead, the SR36 uses a one-piece screen, continuous glass side panels and a pair of steel struts at the aft end to help maximise views and minimise clutter. Even compared to the SR41, this is a seriously good looking boat.

Bavaria SR36 specifications

LOA: 40ft 3in (12.28m)
Beam: 12ft 6in (3.85m)
Draught: 1ft 9in (0.91m)
Displacement: 6.61 tonnes
Fuel capacity: 500 litres
Water capacity: 250 litres
RCD category: B8 / C10
Designer: Marco Casali


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