Finnmaster Boats: Premium boats for premium experiences

For 30 years, Finnmaster Boats has been designing and producing quality boats for all occasions and waters in its three modern factories in Finland.

Today, these generations of boat builders manufacture high-standard boats with modern design and strong traditions.

Finnmaster Boats consists of three boat brands: the premium boats – Grandezza, luxury day cruisers – Finnmaster, and the aluminum boats – Husky, all manufactured and quality-assured in the country known as the land of a thousand lakes, Finland.

For those who enjoy life on the waters and want excellent navigability – our boats are the perfect choice.

The new 2021 Finnmaster T9 is a boat built for fast driving and enjoying everyday luxury on the water. The T9 is a spacious day cruiser that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers in the open cockpit.

The Finnmaster T9 is equipped with Yamaha’s latest engines and technology to make driving easier. The boat is available with two 300hp engines or one 435hp Yamaha XTO.

The Finnmaster T9 combines a sophisticated look, with a modern interior and great driving characteristics. You can see the difference from previous models in the series when you step into the boat. The layout of the cockpit is similar to the current T7 and T8, but the larger and raised kitchenette brings functionality.

The galley has more space for cooking and storage space for plates, glasses and cutlery. Finnmaster has also invested in cosiness and comfort in design. There is more natural light in the bow cabin than in previous models, and the interior is designed to be spacious and functional, with WiFi and TV options for both working and relaxing on board.

The key words in the design of the T9 have been “bigger, better, bolder.” The boat comes with plenty of equipment as standard and a very comprehensive list of accessories. In the product development phase, Finnmaster worked closely with Yamaha, meaning that Yamaha’s new efficient engine series, electric steering and accessories fit perfectly into the new T-series flagship.

Taking on board feedback from owners, dealers and the broader boating industry, is one of the pillars of Finnmaster’s product development, to ensure they are responding to customer needs and market demand.

For those who enjoy life on the water and want to move fast when needed, the Finnmaster T9 is the perfect boat. They have designed it primarily for day boating, but you can also comfortably stay the night in the boat.

“It is an easily manageable boat with a large cockpit, functional interiors and extensive open spaces for passengers,” says Henri Nurminen, Finnmaster Boats’ Sales Director.

“The T9 is a wonderful new member of the Finnmaster T-series, which has already become a classic. It is very much the big sister of the previous T-series models, as the design traits of the both the T7 and T8 models are instantly recognisable. In the design, more attention has been paid to ergonomic driving characteristics, comfort and functionality.”

The T9 day cruiser can also be fitted out with a kitchenette and a practical fridge.

Finnmaster’ professional pride is reflected in the craft, with a true passion for boat building. The best boats display genuine craftsmanship, and Finnmaster Boats has taken this principle to heart.

Together with a committed team of boat builders, they create user-friendly boats to love and pass on to the next generation of boat builders.

“We are all boaters in our company and we build boats for people,” Nurminen adds. “We listen carefully to the message coming from the field and gather information as well as customer experiences that contribute to our product development.

“We hope that boaters who have used T-series day cruiser boats in the past will see the Finnmaster T9 as their future boat.”

For more information visit the official Finnmaster website.


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