Fjord 41XL review: This classy cruiser shows Fjord at its finest

Perennially labelled “Med boats”, Fjord’s latest model is put through its paces in our home territory. How does it get on?

No one will find it much of a surprise that the majority of Fjords come to life at the Hanse factory on the German/Polish border and then immediately dive south to live out their days in the sun-drenched waters of the Mediterranean.

It is a rarity for us to get our hands on one anywhere but the Med, most usually Mallorca where the local dealer does a booming trade because the boats are just so well suited to the cruising grounds. So then, how refreshing to be the first magazine to get our hands on the Fjord 41 XL and for it to have shown up in our backyard.

In Hamble Point Marina, surrounded by rows and rows of mainly white GRP, its upright stem, towering topsides, enormous hard top and electric blue metallic hull wrap lend the boat all the subtlety of a bagpiper in a library. To my eye, it looks utterly fabulous and, given the glorious late September sunshine we had for our test, perfectly at home.

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Though this is a brand new model in every aspect from the drawing board of Fjord’s chief designer Patrick Banfield, who knows a thing or two about designing boats of this style having developed craft for Compass, Wally and Tenderworks, it doesn’t waver from Fjord’s usual USP.

This is a deck boat, first and foremost, slathered in sun pads and laid-back seating with various modules dotted around the deck that house fridges, a sink, grill, ice maker and all the constituent parts required to have a bloody good time once the anchor has been deployed.

Read our full review of the Fjord 41XL in the January 2021 issue of Motor Boat & Yachting, which is out now.


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