VIDEO: The world’s fastest electric surfboard in action

The Lampuga Boost is claimed to be the world’s fastest electric surfboard, with a top speed of 29 knots

Boating thrillseekers have a new option for high-speed hijinx, after German firm Lampuga launched its latest toy, which they claim is the world’s fastest electric surfboard.

Unveiled at the recent Düsseldorf Boat Show, the Lampuga Boost has an impressive top speed of 34mph (29 knots).

And the claim stands up in this burgeoning market, as the Lampuga Boost can just about outrun the recently launched Radinn Wakejet Cruise, which tops out at 25 knots.

One drawback is weight, as the Lampuga Boost tips the scales at 37kg, meaning some will struggle to drag it down to the water on their own.

With this in mind, Lampuga has also launched an inflatable electric surfboard called the Air, which gives a top speed of 21 knots and weighs in at just 32kg.

There is also a bright yellow Rescue version, with extra grab handles to make it suitable for use by lifeguards.

Power comes from a 52v battery, which generates 15hp and runs a jet drive propulsion system that is controlled by the twist-grip throttle.

With an estimated range of 11nm, or 20 minutes of flat-out runtime, the Lampuga Boost takes two hours to charge, although you can buy a supercharger to halve that time.

Prices for an electric surfboard start at €9,900 (roughly £7,700) for the Air or €12,940 for the Boost version.