VIDEO: Alex Thomson kite surfs his Hugo Boss racing yacht

Round-the-world sailor Alex Thomson has released his latest stunt Skywalk, which involves kite surfing off the back of his Hugo Boss racing yacht

Alex Thomson is no stranger to a dramatic boating stunt and his latest video, Skywalk is right up there with the best of them.

The round-the-world sailor has recruited kite surfing pro Susi Mai and turned his Hugo Boss racing yacht into the ultimate tow boat.

Decked out in his usual suit and shades combo, Alex takes to the water and demonstrates his kite surfing skills before attaching a line from his 60ft IMOCA.

After catching a gust of wind, the 41-year-old soars to double the height of the yacht’s mast, giving viewers a great view from the top of this epic leap. To top it all, he skilfully brings his kite surf board down onto the water for a controlled landing.


Filmed in the Portuguese resort of Alvor, Alex Thomson’s Skywalk video features copious product placement by Mercedes-Benz and Hugo Boss, but when the stunt’s this spectacular, we’re not complaining.

Skywalk has racked up more than 150,000 views on YouTube in 48 hours, but the viral video still has some way to go to beat previous stunts Mastwalk and Keelwalk, which have both been viewed more than 2million times.

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