VIDEO: Gibbs Amphibians launches new jetski motorbike

Can’t decide between a jetski and motorbike? The new Gibbs jetski motorbike means you don’t have to anymore

American amphibious craft manufacturer Gibbs Amphibians has released a video of its new jetski motorbike in action.

The Biski is just as comfortable in the water as it is on the road, with a top speed of 80mph on land and a punchy 32 knots out on the open waves.

Sporting Gibbs’ dual-jet propulsion system, the Biski generates 55hp and can get onto the plane in less than three seconds.

But what’s even more impressive is that it takes less than five seconds to switch from road to water mode – as the video above shows you don’t even need to get off.

Prices are yet to be confirmed for the Biski, which was recently unveiled at the AIM Expo in Florida.

TV fans may remember Gibbs Amphibians as the company that supplied the amphibious quad-bike that Jeremy Clarkson drove across Lake Como last year for an episode of Top Gear.

To watch footage of the Biski jetski motorbike, see the video above.

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