VIDEO: Safehaven Marine capsizes Barracuda stealth boat

Irish special forces boat manufacturer Safehaven Marine has recently carried out a capsize test on its latest model – the Barracuda SV11

Any reputable boat manufacturer will undertake a series of rigorous tests before launching a new model, but Cork-based Safehaven Marine takes things to the next level.

Not only does the stealth boat specialist ride its super-rugged vessels through the roughest of seas, but it also intentionally capsizes them to see if they pop back upright.

As this video shows, the latest model has passed the ultimate test with flying colours, not once but twice.

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The Barracuda SV11 is designed to be a special forces boat and so she will have to cope with the most arduous conditions, including being caught by some powerful broadsides.

To prove that the vessel can do everything Safehaven Marine promises, the firm capsized the Barracuda twice: once to prove the concept, and once again with two employees on board.

We’re hoping to join the Safehaven Marine team on one of their legendary sea trials later in the year, so watch this space for more on this remarkable vessel.