VIDEO: Roger Federer plays motor boat tennis in Sydney

Veteran tennis champion Roger Federer has taken to the water in Sydney to promote a new tennis tournament

Fresh from his 1,000th career win, Roger Federer has taken tennis to a whole new level by inventing a new sport in the shadow of the Sydney Opera House.

In this video Roger and local legend Lleyton Hewitt climb aboard a pair of classic speedboats for a game of motor boat tennis.

Having won the toss, Federer picks the larger of the two Comitti Portofino models and the tennis pros cast off into Sydney harbour.

The ensuing rally looks more than a little perilous, and we can’t help be feel for the poor helmsman who nearly gets his head taken off by Federer’s backhand.

As entertaining as this is, we can’t see motor boat tennis catching on in the UK – Solent harbourmasters are likely to take a dim view of such antics for a start!

The whole affair was staged to promote a new series of high-speed tennis matches called Fast 4, which involves a maximum of eight games per set and no deuces.

The video ends with Federer and Hewitt playing a quick match of Fast 4 next to the Sydney Opera House. To watch the video, click on the player at the top of the page.

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