Internet and TV onboard – the rise of satellite communications

The familiar shape of Intellian radomes that were once upon a time only seen high above the bridge on superyachts, cruise ships and merchant ships, are now increasingly seen onboard smaller yachts all over the world.

Inside these radomes, are either one of two types of satellite antenna technologies – providing communications or live TV. As more people want the same entertainment and connectivity experience onboard as they experience at home, they’re looking to satellite communications to enable that.

The need to stay connected to the world and our consistent dependency on communication channels is on the rise. In 2017, the average monthly global data consumption across all types of networks was 122 billion gigabytes, and in 2022 this has leapt to a massive 396 billion gigabytes a month!

This growing need for data doesn’t stop once someone steps onboard a yacht. Enjoying everything from Netflix to Microsoft Teams to live sport broadcast over TV is all possible, but there’s also the day-to-day connectivity needs of a weekend or even full-time liveaboard life – the ability to get the latest weather and updates to your digital charts, check in with family ashore to let them know your plans and progress, and full safety services.

The technology packed into the Intellian antennas is impressive. They are engineered to be able to connect to satellites that range in altitude from 1,200km right up to 35,785km, travelling at speeds of around 28,080kph (varies per orbit). And they’re doing all this despite being installed high on a yacht that is moving about, pitching and rolling.

To maintain the required signal to the satellites that’s required for connectivity or TV reception, these antennas have sophisticated stabilisation systems and tracking software so that the user onboard remains blissfully unaware, enjoying seamless connectivity.

“Our technology certainly packs a punch,” says Jon Harrison, General Manager of Intellian EMEA. “The leisure market is really starting to take off for us. As the market leader in the commercial world, we’re now seeing the brand grow in popularity amongst the leisure market.

“The technology is fantastic and customers are particularly keen to have a product that’s designed for unlocked flexibility across multiple network providers. Intellian gives them that freedom.”

Intellian offers a range of satellite communication and TV antennas in different sizes and features, suitable for all kinds of vessels. With Authorized Resellers all over the world, it’s never been easier to get connected.

Talk to your local Intellian distributor today to learn more about your ideal connectivity solution.


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