Lumishore: A brighter way to light your boat

As Lumishore nears its 15th year in business, its transformation from underwater lighting firm to global leader in marine LED systems represents one of the industry’s most outstanding success stories.

Established in Swansea in 2008, Lumishore has grown, both in terms of product range and market penetration, to become the world’s most trusted name in boat-wide LED lighting systems.

Though originally founded as a manufacturer of underwater lighting solutions, it now designs and builds fully integrated lighting systems for every kind of craft, from open RIBs and dayboats to sophisticated cruisers and some of the largest and most prestigious superyachts in the world.

Part of the reason for that success lies in its approach to business. Based in Swansea, just a short hop from the famed cruising grounds of south Wales, it designs, develops and manufactures its entire portfolio of LED lighting systems in-house.

That has enabled it to respond to market demand by creating proprietary LED technologies that set it apart in its capacity to transform the way we manage light on board our boats. Lumishore’s ‘CRGBW’ Lux Lighting Collection is a case in point.

With its industry-first ability to combine warm and cold white (as well as red, green and blue) in a single lighting unit, Lumishore’s Above Water LUX Lighting Collection is uniquely controllable.

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Whether installed in the form of down lights, neon flex, strip lights, courtesy lights, flood lights or speaker light drivers, it enables you to dial in any colour you choose, fine-tuning the tone, the intensity and the white balance with the utmost sensitivity.

Beneath the waterline, Lumishore’s EOS Underwater Lighting and Control Systems are equally unique. They are the only fully controllable colour-change underwater lights on the market and, thanks to their ‘auto-install’ function, they are extraordinarily simple to fit.

But of course, in order for these technologies to make a genuine difference to the way you enjoy your boat, there needs to be an equally advanced means of controlling them – and Lumishore’s ‘Lumi-Link’ Command Centre is exactly that…

As the marine industry’s only ‘plug-and-play’ module with preinstalled interfaces and lighting options, it enables you to manage both your above and below water lights directly from your multi-function display or smart device.

You can control the lights by zone, create lighting scenes to match your mood or even programme in personalised lighting events, like a ‘Welcome’ scene to herald your arrival on the boat or a ‘Morning’ scene that dovetails with your circadian cycle.

While this kind of customer-focused innovation has seen Lumishore collect plenty of accolades, from DAME, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the National Marine Electronics Association, the sheer quality of Lumishore’s lighting systems also stands out.

It uses the finest marine-grade materials and applies the highest international manufacturing standards. It also puts each new product through a series of tough ‘life tests’ to ensure long-term reliability and it equips each unit with a calibre of finish that elevates your yacht’s internal ambience, even when the lights are not in use.

With more (closely guarded) product releases on the horizon to supplement its already industry-leading range of lighting systems, there is no better place to find a perfectly tailored lighting package for you, your boat and your lifestyle.

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