Quarken 27: The Art of Nordic design

The Quarken 27 is just the beginning for this new Finnish start-up boatbuilder arriving in UK waters this year.

Partnering with nationwide UK boat dealer, boatpoint the first model from the range will be the T-Top, available for viewings from April 2022. Contact your local boatpoint office for more information.

The entire range will comprise of a 27ft, 33ft (available in summer 2023), and 40ft craft (available in 2024). All the boats have a double-stepped hull and will be available in three iterations: the Open, Cabin, and T-Top.

There is plenty to enjoy beyond the Quarken 27’s sporty and sleek looks, offering top speeds of up to 44 knots this design is sure to deliver a thrilling full-throttle experience.

Quarken boats are designed to go further, enabling you to safely venture beyond the everyday horizon. Superior performance and handling in changing sea conditions are at the heart of the design.

The boat’s weight distribution is perfectly matched to the premium Yamaha outboard range, ensuring a highly comfortable and stable ride, as well as excellent fuel economy.

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Made using the highest quality materials, each boat can be customised to suit a wide variety of needs and requirements. Owners can choose from a broad selection of options and deck fittings, ranging from an open-style day boat to a long-distance cruiser.

Plus, with possible customisations including seating choices, dining configurations, watersports features and a fishing setup, the Quarken can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

The standard layout includes an open transom, customisable deck space and a gangway on the port side that connects bow and stern, allowing for quick and easy re-fits.

This is an eco-friendly and practical design that is not only highly functional, but it also prolongs the lifecycle of your boat so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

The Quarken 27 was specially designed to complement the latest Yamaha F300 outboard engine, which is pre-installed in Finland.

Contact the Quarken direct sales team at boatpoint Hamble on 02382 120 000 for full details, or visit: boatpoint.co.uk