Smooth and silent docking with Sleipner PRO thrusters

Get the luxury of silently adjusting how much thrust to use when manoeuvring your boat into or out of a tight spot – using electric thrusters with speed control. Combining total control and just the right amount of thrust, the speed controller provides an ease to beginners as well as seasoned boaters.

How it works

You’ll be surprised how little power is needed to initiate a spin and keep the boat rotating without engines on a quiet day. Using conventional DC thrusters, offering full power or nothing (on/off), you would have to apply numerous bursts to keep the boat rotating the same way.

On the contrary, with the Sleipner PRO system, you’re able to use a smaller amount of continuous thrust. Not only is this more intuitive for you as a boater, but it also makes for a quieter and more relaxed manoeuvre. It also helps resolve the issue of not being able to use an electronic thruster for long periods without overheating because you’ll rarely run the thruster on full power.

Pin the boat against the dock

In most cases, at 50% power or less, you can expect close to continuous run time. This means that with a twin system (bow and stern thruster), it also has a hold-function, enabling you to set and leave the level of thrust.

It’s a feature that short-handed skippers often rely on to pin their boats against the dock while they step off to secure the lines. Moving either of the joysticks in the opposite direction with ‘hold’ applied cancels it, while you can either increase or decrease the thrust in 10 percent increments with a simple +/- switch.

Get even more functionality by adding a remote control

Adding a Sleipner remote control allows you to operate both thrusters from wherever you choose, so you can take up station on the side deck and walk the boat in while keeping an eye on the gap.

You can operate the system remotely for easy short-handed docking.

Inside the network

The heart of the Sleipner PRO system is the Power Control Unit that digitally chops the voltage and varies the amount of thrust produced.

The brain is the Control Panel. This intelligent LCD panel displays real-time information such as amount and direction of thrust on either thruster, remaining run time, battery status, and temperature. The S-Link™ wiring allows the system to communicate.

Sleipner’s 12 and 24-volt DC Electric Thrusters are compatible with the S-Link™ control bus and can be installed as PRO with the corresponding control unit and panel as standard.

Already have a thruster system installed in your boat?

PRO is also available as an upgrade to your existing thruster system, even past models. Your local Sleipner dealer can advise correct upgrade kits for your system.

What’s involved in upgrading an existing thruster system to Sleipner PRO?

It’s actually not complicated. First you need to install a PPC unit, which controls the speed of the motor. Second, you need to change the control system to S-Link™, then reinstall the thruster motor. Lastly, you need to attach the new joystick control device.

For more info, check out this video on the upgrade process:

What does the upgrade cost?

The cost of upgrading an on/off thruster starts at approximately £2500 excluding vat + labour costs, depending on your existing products and the installation scope. The upgrade can also be done with the boat in the water.

Learn more on or contact your local Sleipner dealer for more information:

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