Should I consider having my boat painted?

1 – Telltale signs of when to repaint differ according to the material used to build the boat. The gel-coat of a GRP craft loses its glossy look, chalky blooms appear, the colour fades and blemishes like crazing, star-cracking or pinholes begin to emerge. Steel or aluminium vessels show signs of corrosion, while wooden craft may start to rot where the paint has split. A timely repaint will prevent lasting damage.

2 – Choosing the best topcoat will depend on your priorities. What’s more important to you: long-lasting gloss; long-lasting colour; ease of maintenance or value for money? Our experts will help find the right one for you.

3 – To achieve the perfect finish, you must start with a perfect surface. Before we repaint, we first treat the underlying substrate to ensure a blemish-free foundation.

4 – The right conditions are as important as the right materials. Berthon has a dedicated paint spraying oven with automated temperature, humidity control and a guaranteed dust-free environment.

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There comes a point in a yacht’s life when the original gloss and lustre has disappeared and cannot be reinvigorated without a more major intervention. Whether the gelcoat is tired and cannot be brought back to life with a cut and polish or the previously painted surface has degraded, or perhaps the colour of your new yacht doesn’t suit your aspirations, repainting the topsides can be the only viable option. Although this may be a daunting prospect, below are some tips from Berthon on how to ensure a successful outcome.

1 – Substrate Types – Gelcoat which has been cut and polished many times over the years and has lost its gloss may start to show signs of degradation, e.g. star cracking and crazing, pinholing. A previously painted topsides that has been lovingly cleaned and polished and exposed to many hours of ultra violet radiation and fender wear will also eventually become dull and lifeless. Perhaps corrosion has set in in way of fittings? This is common with painted masts and spars. Or alternatively you could have a new yacht which is invariably sold with one hull colour that isn’t the right colour for you? (See the video below of the Princess P78). In all cases having the topsides repainted professionally is by far the best option not only to achieve the optimal aesthetics but also adding value to your yacht.

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