Streaming ahead with Wi-Fi

Berthon’s Electronics Manager Henry Castledine gives a byte sized overview on getting more from your Wi-Fi

What does the wireless feature on my chartplotter do?

The three major Electronics manufacturers have all created their own apps to allow you to control your chartplotter from a phone, ipad or tablet. The Garmin Helm, Ray Control (Raymarine) and GoFree (Navico) apps mean you can now take all the information available on your MFD (multi function display) anywhere on board. This feature is great for deliveries and longer passages, allowing the skipper to keep an eye on the navigation while the less experienced crew are on watch. Other uses extend but are not limited to monitoring engine data whilst in the engine room or linking up a Raymarine cam50 to the system, allowing you to keep an eye on the kids in the saloon whilst on the flybridge or foredeck.

I have poor Wi-Fi reception in the marina, what can I do?

Some marinas have Wi-Fi dead spots or low resolution areas; to remedy this, install a Wi-Fi booster and a router. Some of the options available boast of ranges from 4-6nm!


Radar arch featuring Glomex Webboat 4G coastal antenna fitted at Berthon

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How can I get internet while at sea?

Once out of range of Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G signal is required to get on-line. A host of options exist for Wi-Fi boosters and 3G/4G receivers.

Berthon’s recent installation on Promise (Sealine 44) included a Glomex Webboat 4G coastal antenna. While on the move, the whole family can connect their devices to the antenna which will use 4G data or 3G if 4G is not available, on returning closer to home, the antenna will automatically switch to any registered Wi-Fi hotspots to provide a SAVING on the data bill!

How can I watch TV in the marina?

Your home TV license also covers your yacht, so install a digital TV antenna and a digital box then press auto-tune on the remote. For particularly remote areas, offshore or a wider choice in channels, upgrade to a satellite TV antenna and Sky box. When choosing a satellite TV antenna, the dish size is important. Coverage in the UK and Western Europe is generally very good so a small dish should suffice, however, if you are planning on being adventurous you should go for a larger dish. Berthon can check the coverage in your proposed sailing area and our technicians are trained in KVH & Raymarine satellite TV installations.

Radar arch featuring a KVH Satellite TV antenna fitted at Berthon

Radar arch featuring a KVH Satellite TV antenna fitted at Berthon

How can I control my music on board?

For the best sound quality it is still advised to wire in your music, however, there has been a vast improvement in the performance of Bluetooth receivers which can be adapted into most existing sound systems. Alternatively, upgrade to a Fusion sound system and connect up to your plotter to allow full control of your sound system and music library from the helm.

Can I link my chartplotter app to my Navigation system?

The wireless ability on your MFD can also be used to connect to certain chart plotting applications, allowing you to plot your routes at home and then stream them onto the plotter when you go aboard. The Garmin Blue Chart Mobile App, paired with a Wi-Fi adaptor kit will sync up with your Garmin plotter. The Navionics App will sync with your Raymarine kit through the Plotter Sync feature.

Ipad connected to Raymarine A95 MFD

Ipad connected to Raymarine A95 MFD

How long does a typical installation take?

To find out more take a trip over to the Berthon website where we explain how long an install will take, explain about connection security and estimates on costs…. Marine Wi-Fi

For further detailed information on all aspects of marine electronics installations please call Berthon Electronics Manager Henry Castledine +44(0)1590


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